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New Album - Asteroid Park Released!

Heather Horrocks

Asteroid Park has been released on Bandcamp! 


Come to Asteroid Park and enjoy an album/ band that celebrates the glory days of rock 'n' roll. Recommended for fans of concept rock, stadium rock, theatrical rock, 70's & space rock.


Fred was born on a rock in the middle of space. He was a loner and had a rough childhood. He found it hard to relate to the troubles of his world. Fred got angry and built a ship called Spacecraft 11. He then launched himself into orbit around his planet. It was here that he reflected on his life experiences. He began to examine inner vs. outer space. He became aware of how his individual struggle could be related to his world's struggle at large. Fred was beginning to make a universal breakthrough. It was at this point the controllers came to intercept his space craft.

Launching from Seattle WA, Asteroid Park aims to expand the universal mind with the love of concept rock.

Formed in 2013, the original album lineup consists of Clayton Ballard (Vocals), Antony De Gennaro (Guitars, Bass & Back Vocals), Hugh Sutton (Keyboards, Back Vocals) and Mike Stone (Drums and Percussion).  


Asteroid Park Banner 4.jpg