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Dance Of Gods

Antony DeGennaro


A film by Antony De Gennaro recorded live at Feast Arts Center in Tacoma, WA on June 10th, 2017

Starring: Marina White Raven Alan Sutherland, Todd Jannausch, Stella Kemper, Amy - Ellen - Trefsger, Alair Wells, Crow Nishimura. Inderpeet Singh, Omar Willey, Laura Aschoff, Kealey Carralez, Wyly Astley, Silas Olendorf, Mimi Allin

Music performed live by Stephen Fandrich & the audience. Arranged and edited by Antony De Gennaro.

'Dance of Gods' is a multi-dimensional art ritual by Marina White Raven (London, UK) in collaboration with artists from Seattle and Tacoma and Feast Arts Center. This new incarnation of 'Practice for my Deathbed' is both an intimate rite of passage and public spectacle, addressing western cultural taboos and attitudes to death and dying in multiple layers of individual and collective experience.