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 I enjoy producing records.  My focus has been concept rock and instrumental guitar. I like to keep it varied with experimentation.

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Asteroid Park

Asteroid Park is a concept rock album that celebrates the glory days of rock 'n' roll. Recommended for fans of classic rock, glam rock, stadium rock, theatrical rock, 70's & space rock. Full band.

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Message Service


Performed on a Fender Telecaster with evolving percussion creating lush sounds and a ceremonial type feel. It's a movement of textural sound combinations creating colors for the mind.  Listen to this transmission from my galaxy to yours.

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Unified Fields

Inspired by sixties/seventies rock n roll & surrealistic painters. Unified Fields is an exotic, rock inspired experimental instrumental album featuring the guitar.

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News from the Pub

SOLO GUITAR SHOW - 'News from the Pub' is a representation of my solo guitar show. From 1998 to 2004 I toured the US and Europe performing live solo guitar shows in pubs, bookstores, coffee shops, art galleries, restaurants, festivals, art museums, weddings & private parties.

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Shadow in a Sun Filled Room

Solo Guitar
'Shadow In A Sun Filled Room' is a folk, classical, rock inspired solo guitar album.  It was recorded on tape. I used effects such as a phaser and reverb on some tracks.

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Solo Guitar
Atmospheres is an ambient space,  acoustic guitar album. The music is a psychedelic fusion of new age & rock.
The album was recorded on tape. I ran the guitar through an old phaser and MXR analog delay.

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'Clear Mirror' is an instrumental, experimental, new age, rock album. The songs blend colorful sounds with tabla, acoustic & electric guitar, bass, synthesizer, percussion, voices & drums. The influences range from raga guitar, progressive rock to experimental ambient music.

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