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Unified Fields

Experimental Instrumental Rock Guitar Album.

Click album cover to preview in I Tunes

Click album cover to preview in I Tunes

Unified Fields


Inspired by sixties/seventies rock n roll & surrealistic painters. Unified Fields is an exotic, experimental, instrumental rock album.

REVIEW-- "An interesting instrumental psychedelic album from the USA mixing acoustic & electric guitars with sitar like drones, chimes, percussion & melodic rock to create a trippy spaced out & relaxing soundscape. The result is somewhere between the music Pink Floyd made for Zabrinski Point, Jefferson Airplane's 'Embryonic Journey' & The Black Sun Ensembles Peyote Inspired Exotica. Pretty damn fine." -Freak Emporium, Delerium Records, UK

exceptionally rare but real experience ... which is regrettably less known here in korea
as a buddhist friar at Shelter,seoul, i got more than impressed and inpired to make use of your world of serenity, peace and harmony...for our meditation center. bless you

cafe mudra ~


re - released 09 January 2014