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Antony De Gennaro

 What used to be called Rock ‘n’ Roll, Peter Sellers & Monty Python took me over the top. My high school art teacher encouraged my interest in photography but said I would have to choose between music or visual art.  I moved to Seattle where I have been merging sound and visuals ever since. I studied music at Cornish and began a lifelong "do it yourself" approach. You know you have lived in a state where idealistic fantasy meets draconian nightmares when you hear rock stars on the loud speakers at the airport telling you to tow the line for security.  

It's amazing how imagination can affect our physical reality. 





MasterClass, Wernor Herzog Teaches Filmmaking, online -  2016
Cornish College of the Arts - 1986 - 1989



2016   Xristos Award, Action on Film (AOF) Film Festival

  • Special Jury Award received in recognition of a filmmaker who displays creative and imaginative achievement in film content despite limited resources for 2016 festival. Official selection, Natural Possession: Director's Cut.

2009    Best Cerebral Horror, Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF)

  • Received for 2009 festival screening of Son Of Terror



2017         Sisterhood of Death - Director/ Writer/ Editor/ Music/ Producer

  • Early screenings as Official Selection at STIFF (2013) and Syracuse Horror Film Festival (2012); film completed with worldwide distribution by Indie Rights, Inc. in 2017 - produced 2011 - 2016

2016        Natural Possession: Director's Cut (2016) - Director / Writer / Editor/ Music / Producer

  • Film originally premiered as Son of Terror in 2009 with world wide distribution in 2010 by Maxim Media / Brain Damage Films


2016        Cambodian Survivor: 'The Cat' - In production - tour guide tells his story of land mines and surviving decades of war

2015        Mayfair Angkor Villa - short promotional video for boutique Siem Reap hotel

2014        Spacesuit Man-  Music video for the rock band Asteroid Park

2012        Based on a True Story- short, narrative film