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Asteroid Park

Concept Rock

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Asteroid Park



Asteroid Park's debut is designed to play out as if you're attending a classic rock concert. The first set ends with track 8. The band takes an intermission. They return to blast the second set/ encore with tracks 9 -13. Welcome to the show. Tonight we're going to celebrate the glory days of rock 'n' roll space exploration.

"This is the story of the Space Suit Man. He has checked out and launched himself into orbit. It is here that he feels safe to examine inner and outer space. The controllers are planning to bring him down. All was going according to plan until a large Asteroid was discovered heading towards earth."

Indie Underground & College Radio Play Fall 2013 -
#2 - WZBT Gettysburg
#6 - Alan Cross Top 11 Toronto
#21 - 3WK Underground Radio St. Louis -#88 0f 500 for album of year
#7 - KRFP Radio Free Moscow - Moscow ID
#29 - WHFR Dearborn MI
#29 - Pizza FM - Urbana IL
#17 - WAKE - Winston Salem NC
#11 - WTCC - Springfield MA
WIUX - IN - 25 Most Played Tracks in December


released 21 July 2013

Antony De Gennaro - Guitars & Bass, Backing Vocals, Sound Effects, Recording, Song writing

Hugh Sutton - Keyboards, Accordion, Backing Vocals, Sound Effects, Percussion

Clayton Ballard - Vocals
Mike Stone - Drums & Percussion
Brian Nelson - Recording, Mixing & Mastering
Elliott Bay Recording Company, Seattle WA
Harvey Ward Van Allen II - Voice of the Controller, Backing Vocals
Dale Fanning - Drums on 'Beyond' and 'I'm Having Visions'
Produced by Antony De Gennaro

Album Photography and Art by Antony De Gennaro. Public Domain images by NASA

Special thanks to Kevin at Kace Audio, Seattle WA, for pre-production recording.

All music and lyrics copyright & publishing 2013, Antony De Gennaro / Spacecraft 11 Publishing Co BMI/ Ant Man Tunes
All rights reserved

Asteroid Park

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